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How will the points for each round be distributed?

It will be a scoring system proposed by Enter and eXten (same as in 2019)

Explanation is available in english and russian.

The only difference for DFWC is that all the rounds count. The worst personal result will NOT be excluded from the final score.

Team scoring.
Teams score with the sum of times of 2 team players. Players in teams may submit demos in both physics each.
In that case, the best result of the 2 combinations will be used. Let's say we have players A and B in a team.
Then, let's say player A vq3 result + player B cpm result is combination ONE. And player A cpm result + player B vq3 result is combination TWO.
The least of the ONE and TWO will count as the team's result in a particular round. You don't have to change "vq3" or "cpm" player in the team's settings.
These labels are intended to indicate what primary physics you need a teammate for.

Players can submit any and both vq3 and cpm demos, without changing the team setting.
After that, the same scoring system will be used as the one mentioned above for single player scoring.
All rounds count, the worst team's result isn't excluded.

It is allowed to skip rounds and not submit demos. Players and teams doing so will not get any points for the skipped rounds.

Why can I not upload my demo?

Please remember to have the map open only in one instance of defrag at once. If you load the map in 2 instances of defrag at once, your record demo may be corrupted and may fail validation.

Who is allowed to participate in the DFWC?

Everyone with an account at q3df.org that has signed up here.

How to find my demos?

To find your demos you look for your homepath first by typing \fs_homepath into the console.

The demos are stored in the sub folders defrag\demos

Where are the results from 2012 till 2019?

You can find it here.