About Defrag World Cup 2019 team

Dear participants of the DFWC 2019 and guests of this site!
This page contains information about the DFWC 2019 team and people who helped organize this event.

Management and administration dqopb, Kabcorp, nL-xajA, Michael [RD]
Ruleset <hk>, gnj, dqopb, Arcaon
Point system Enter, eXten
Game client (iDFe) KG7x, Cyrax
Anti-cheat development Berserker
Demo validators dqopb, nL-xajA, Michael [RD]
Map testing dqopb, nL-xajA
Responsible for collecting donations Cole "cmc" McMullen (PayPal), nL-xajA (others)
DFWC site design and levelshots uN*DeaD|Sa1RaX, pOOnie
DFWC site development Michael [RD]

If you have any problems with this site, please leave notes or comments in this thread at q3df.org board

Good luck and have fun!

DFWC team