How to find my demos?

To find your demos you look for your homepath first by typing \fs_homepath into the console.

The demos are stored in the sub folders defrag\demos


How do i install the anticheat software?

General notes

Some baseline Anti-Cheating software is required. For this purpose we provide windows and linux users with a dynamic link library (.dll or .so).

You can download them here:

Microsoft Windows (XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1) Anti-cheat module ,  Microsoft VC runtime ,  README.txt
Linux Anti-cheat module 1 and  module 2 (required to install both),  README.txt
Mac OSX Anti-cheat module 1 and  module 2 (required to install both),  README.txt
All-in-one qagamex86.zip

A little remark for "ioquake3" and "iodfe" users: The library works ONLY with 32-bit quake3. Please make sure you have the 32-Bit version of quake3. The version of windows does not matter.

How to install

  • Windows: Copy qagamex86.dll into your DeFRaG folder (...\Quake III Arena\defrag)
  • Linux: Copy qagamei386.so AND qagamex86.so into your DeFRaG folder
  • MAC OSX: Copy qagamei386.dylib AND qagamex86.dylib into your DeFRaG folder
  • Start Quake 3 and exec the dfwc-rules.cfg
  • Restart Quake 3
  • The anticheat software should now be active. You can assure that it is running by loading any one of the DFWC 2014 maps. If everything is fine, a "DFWC 2014" tag will be printed in the console:


  • (WINDOWS) "vm_game" is "0" but the anti-cheat software did not load.
  • (WINDOWS) Install the C-Runtime found here


How will the points for each round be distributed?


Who is allowed to participate in the DFWC 2014?

Everyone with an account at q3df.org that has signed up here.


Where are the results from 2012?

You can find it here.